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May 16, 2016

How to build an SEO ready website?

A web development company works together with an SEO company to launch a successful website. These two are expected to collaborate their ideas in creating a website that is professionally designed and SEO-ready. With the existing technology today, having a SEO- ready website makes it more possible to reach more audience thus, increasing the websites ranking. Designing an SEO-ready website is not for everyone. There is a systematic approach used by an SEO company to and web development company.


Building one is quite tedious but not at all time consuming. Here are some points to remember when building an SEO ready website.
  •  SEO specialists spend their time researching on keywords that are powerful for the website’s content. They use a word tracker to find databases that could spark interest from a prospective audience.

  • Placing the keywords on the right places is a make or break for a website. Placing it in the URL, headings, embedded links in your meta tags are places to name a few.

  • Updating the content of the website must be regularly done. Search engines rank you according to the relevance of your website to a user. Websites that are not updated are expected not to be on top search pages. Provide content to your visitors that they need and would spark their interest.

Once these are considered for your website, then your website also needs to be optimized.

  • Having an optimized website keeps your visitors interested in your website. With most people using their phone sot surf the web, mobile-optimized websites give users a better experience in navigating around your website. Pictures and content that load fast makes every visitor happy.

  • You have good content but if the website is not optimized, it will unfortunately never be read. When content is optimized for mobile use, the letters fills the screen accordingly. Users will not have to zoom in and out just to read what you have to say about your product. Giving consumers the convenience results positively on your side.

  • Mobile optimization gets you more traffic. There is even a report that says smartphone users still use their phones while watching TV or even using the computer. An SEO company will focus on optimizing your website for mobile as it generates more visitors increasing your ranking on search engines.

  • Calls to action (CTA) on mobile-optimized website have significantly increased as well. An optimized website CTAs are clear and easy to find. This is only possible when you have your website optimized for better user experience.

Here are some questions to ask if your website is SEO-ready?

  • Does it load fast?
  • Does it attract customers to strong selling messages?
  • Is the content readable and relevant?
  • Does it provide a great user experience as a whole?

If these questions are all answered with a yes, your web development company and SEO company have done a great job. An optimized website, particularly a mobile-optimized one, takes your website a step closer to top rankings on search pages.

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