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May 21, 2015

How to Assess if a Website is Responsive?

Many people nowadays have access to the Internet – whether on desktop or to their handy mobile devices. Further, the amount of people using the Internet has definitely in the past years because of the availability of Internet connection on smartphones and tablets. Since most people are glued to using their smartphones, websites should be made in a way that they are mobile-friendly such as its design and navigation.
There are some instances wherein a website is not fully loaded onto one’s mobile device. This is can be a problem since people can be impatient and a website might possibly lose its customers or prospective clients. Hence, it is best to have a responsive website. What do we mean with a responsive website?

A responsive web design has a design that aims to give its user easy navigation within its website. This means that a particular website can easily be loaded, buttons are functioning well, and there are no glitches when exploring the website whether the user uses a desktop computer, a smartphone or a tablet. How can you check if a particular website is responsive?

Checking the responsiveness of a website is very easy. Using your desktop or laptop computer, key in the website on the navigation bar. Once it is loaded, check if the buttons or the links on the website are working. If it leads you to another page without any glitches, then you can say that everything is running well. Now, get a smartphone or a tablet. Open the same website and check whether the design fits or runs smoothly on your mobile. You will know that a website is unresponsive if (1) it does not load on your screen, (2) links are not working, (3) scrolling or panning is not smooth or not even possible, and (4) the content of the website could be different from the ones you checked on a desktop version.