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Dec 23, 2015

How To Know If your SEO company is Helping or Ruining Your Online Business?

What makes business successful with their online success is effective SEO or search engine optimization. Many entrepreneurs from startups to established companies make it a priority that their SEO works best in keeping their traffic up with the help of specialists from SEO companies or doing it on their own.
Not knowing what SEO and how it works puts your company in great jeopardy. Though modern SEO has become much easier to understand and manage, a lot still prefer to trust SEO companies to do SEO for them. Outsourcing SEO is a bright option; however, are you sure that your SEO company is helping you boost your traffic or pushing you deeper in the World Wide Web?

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Dec 10, 2015

Why is Content Important in SEO?

Unlike humans, web crawlers do not understand language, grammar and sentence construction in a website. They do not read and interpret information like humans even though they are very modern and sophisticated. However, through SEO or search engine optimization, search engine robots understand and make it easier for both the user to use the World Wide Web. SEO is the tool that helps web crawlers understands a web page. 

Bombarding a website with keywords is possible; however, it does not really push your website to get ranked. Too much usage of keywords leads to irrelevant information found in your content. The purpose of SEO is to create a content that will make visitors stay and read what you have to offer. It is through here that you build trust and your reputation online. More than products and services, a website’s content is the crucial part. This is what interests the visitors; this is what pulls them to reading your website.