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Feb 13, 2015

The Perks of Having a Social Media Presence

Almost everyone in the planet has heard or even owns a Facebook or Twitter account. These two social media networks are very popular nowadays as people use these to meet other people, get connected with friends overseas and communicate through its chat options. Because of the popularity of these social media networks, businesses have taken advantage of advertising their products and services of little or no charge at all.

Feb 12, 2015

SEO Outsourcing in the Philippines: Yay or Nay

A lot of businesses have started operating in the country. Whether you are a starting business or a business in expansion, getting a good number of clients or customers is a priority. To make businesses’ known, entrepreneurs have to think of marketing strategies to advertise their products or services. Here in the Philippines, entrepreneurs start off selling their company through different social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Utilizing these social media platforms is very convenient, easy to use and most importantly, popular to many people. For those who have money to invest, they built websites to make their products and services more available online. Further, these businesses invest more on SEO or search engine optimization. What is SEO?

Feb 10, 2015

Top Three Reasons Why Businesses Need to Have a Website

Doing business is not as simple as you think. For starters, one has to have a lot of money to invest on what product or service to offer, place for the business, permits, employees and many more. Starting a business is a huge risk for many entrepreneurs; however, once the business gets running and money starts pouring in, entrepreneurs are able to breathe as their effort on both time and money are slowly paying off. Successful businesses have to maintain this good status and continue thinking of ways they can attract more clients or customers. One best thing to do is building a website