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Dec 10, 2015

Why is Content Important in SEO?

Unlike humans, web crawlers do not understand language, grammar and sentence construction in a website. They do not read and interpret information like humans even though they are very modern and sophisticated. However, through SEO or search engine optimization, search engine robots understand and make it easier for both the user to use the World Wide Web. SEO is the tool that helps web crawlers understands a web page. 

Bombarding a website with keywords is possible; however, it does not really push your website to get ranked. Too much usage of keywords leads to irrelevant information found in your content. The purpose of SEO is to create a content that will make visitors stay and read what you have to offer. It is through here that you build trust and your reputation online. More than products and services, a website’s content is the crucial part. This is what interests the visitors; this is what pulls them to reading your website. 

Why is content very important in SEO? Why should SEO service provider be creative yet factual in producing rich content? There are several reasons why content is the heart in SEO. 

  • Search engines rank a website based on the keywords and phrases the users look for when searching. If the website has these keywords, then the website is sure to be ranked. However, studding your content with a lot of keywords does not help it get ranked. SEO specialists carefully choose keywords and have them in the content in the right places.
  • Relevance of the keywords is much more important than its quantity. SEO specialists have to choose powerful keywords and phrases to include in their content. These can be common keywords people use when searching for particular information.
  • With good content, websites can be ranked on the first pages of search engine results. Being buried down in the ranks places your website in trouble. It is a fact that Internet users visit websites that are on the first page – not really searching on the succeeding pages. Hence, websites should consider working on their organic results to reach top pages. 
  • Readers read what they think are interesting. They are more inclined to browse pages that are constantly updated and have fresh news to share to their market. 
  • Content is shared on a daily basis most especially in social media. It has been the fastest and easiest way to broadcast information without spending too much. 
  • When content is rich, it is more published on the pages. Customers are more likely to visit brand names that are repeatedly seen on search pages. This is also good in creating a good brand image to your target market. 
  • Good content encourages people to purchase a product or service. Testimonials on blogs encourage people to try the brand as it has positive reviews from the clients and customer.
  • Most customers are online and reading for new content on a website. Marketers can gain more clients if they choose content that can represent their brand name. Product decisions are based on how good the content is. 
  • Increase site interaction has been observed with quality content. SEO strategies work best as more people end inquiries and requests for more information for a brand name.
Squeezing out bright ideas for content is not easy as you have to consider the quality of your writing. However, since content is the heart of SEO, it should always be a consideration and a major priority for a website’s success in ranking.

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