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Jan 28, 2015

Internet Marketing in the Philippines’ Trends in 2015

The media is the most effective strategy in making a particular product or service known to clients and consumers. Marketing a product is a challenge as the competition in the field of business has been tight and cut throat. Through the years, marketing strategies have changed and developed. Some have been very effective, yet some have caused disaster to some companies. In the year 2015, what could be the marketing trend in the Philippines? 

The Internet will play an important role in marketing in 2015. There will always be TV advertising and print, but nothing can beat the influence of the Internet. According to statistics in 2013, 33 million of Filipinos are active internet users. This has been a good advantage for business to market their products and services as many Filipinos’ eyes are glued on their computers, smart phones, and tables. Here is what business entrepreneurs must know to help them create strategies for their business in 2015.

1. More businesses will use the social media as a venue for advertising and a tool of communication between the company and their clients. 

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have been used to advertise products and services. Moreover, many people become aware of new restaurants and shops through these. Having said this, these have also become a venue for communication. Clients can post their comments and in return, marketing associates can thank these people or even apologize for poor service.

2. Advertorials

From the words “advertisement” and “editorial”, advertorials are paid ads in an editorial content. Advertorial works well with its target readers. They are created to meet the goals of the brand. Most advertorials are paid posts that can be found in popular publishing websites. As a marketing associate, knowledge on advertorials will not only be an informative tool for your product or service but also an effective marketing strategy.

3. The use of Content Marketing

Ever noticed how people keep on sharing posts and blogs on their Facebook or Twitter pages? The more people share posts, the more people can search for it online. Hence, business should make more content writing to maximize the number of readers that will share these posts online. Post these articles in many social media accounts to gain more followers.

In 2015, more companies will be lifting the firewalls on social media sites to have their employees utilize these websites in promoting their companies. A company’s success lies on the cooperation of the employees in promoting their business. It is through this collaborative effort that the success on the usage of internet marketing becomes evident with the high rate of clients or consumers trusting the company.

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