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Feb 12, 2015

SEO Outsourcing in the Philippines: Yay or Nay

A lot of businesses have started operating in the country. Whether you are a starting business or a business in expansion, getting a good number of clients or customers is a priority. To make businesses’ known, entrepreneurs have to think of marketing strategies to advertise their products or services. Here in the Philippines, entrepreneurs start off selling their company through different social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Utilizing these social media platforms is very convenient, easy to use and most importantly, popular to many people. For those who have money to invest, they built websites to make their products and services more available online. Further, these businesses invest more on SEO or search engine optimization. What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO helps a website become popular in different search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Ever wondered how many search results you get by just a few key words on the search bar? That is what SEO is all about. SEO makes sure that a particular website will be very popular on the search results. Since it makes the website searchable, is SEO outsourcing here in the Philippines a good or a bad one?

Outsourcing SEO can have both advantages and disadvantages. For most companies, the safest thing to do before investing in a particular SEO company is to know what benefits are in store for them. Here are some pros and cons in SEO outsourcing in the Philippines.


  • Filipinos are very good at using the English language. SEO services provided are sure to be of great English material. Language barriers will not be an issue. Materials are mostly proofread and made sure to be edited before approval from their supervisors.
  • The cost is cheaper. SEO outsourcing in the Philippines charge less than of those in English speaking countries. Moreover, companies will still have to be on the lookout whether the services offered are good or just false advertising with zero success results.

  • There are some words that are used in the English that are specifically used in a particular field like sciences, politics and law. Companies should be very clear in giving instructions to what they want as some SEO companies might not be able to use the right vocabulary in the content they are making.
  • Delays are very possible for the following reasons: poor internet connections, natural calamities such as typhoons and difference in time zones. These can be little problems but may cause some losses for the companies.

Weighing the pros and cons in SEO outsourcing in the Philippines, the advantages are still beneficial and practical. Companies that want to outsource would need to very clear with what they want from the company. Further, companies should be aware that work can be compromised and SEO companies should be able to work on these to compensate on the possible problems that may arise.

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