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Jun 24, 2015

How Important it is to Have the Social Media Pages linked on the Website?

The role of social media has created a big influence today. It is for a fact that a lot of people are using social media networks not only for networking friends but also checking on the latest news on current events, fashion, and a lot more. With the existing popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest, everyone around the world is connected and kept up-to-date with the latest. Further, this opportunity of using social media networks has resulted to a great advantage to many website owners. Recently, more and more websites have been linking social media pages to their websites that have truly remarkable results.

To begin with, social media pages are very easy to setup and maintain. Many website owners have specially assigned a team to keep their social media pages constantly updated with the latest with their business. Since a lot have already been using this technique, it is undeniable that social media pages are important when linked to a website. How was it possible?

There are a lot of reasons why it is essential to have social media pages linked to the websites. Here are some good points:

· Directs attention to your website

Since a huge number of the human population is connected to the Internet, reaching your target market has become easier and more convenient. Creating a social media page on Twitter or Facebook, one can make a page where your prospect customers can interact. This is helpful in gaining more followers to your page. As you share content about your company, these people can get to share what they have to say about your company; thus, increasing the number of visits to your website. With social media pages linked to your website, it directs your clients to your website gaining more traffic.

· Builds Social Proof

Links connected to the website have to be true. Some are misleading that can either be a spam or another virus. Social media pages improve social proof. Many customers consider the product or services’ testimonials before purchasing. When customers post a positive comment, it brings a positive impact to the website and at the same time builds trust with your customer.

· Increased online presence

To increase your website’s traffic, it is important to attract more and more people to visit the website. With the help of social media, your company name will find it easier to be known and popular among the public. Social media pages act as huge billboards or signage online that aims to make your company name ring a bell to the public’s interest.

· Social signals

Social media pages have to be authentic. Fake ones are easily detected by search engines. Using fake links is detrimental to your traffic. Links that are built for your website are social signals. This is often considered by search engines when ranking your website. It digs your link’s content, followers, and even sharing options.

· Increase traffic

Real people actually visit websites because of social media page links. This means that every person checking your website not only helps boost your traffic but also becomes a prospective client. Therefore, linked social media pages can result to both an increase and traffic and sales to the product or service being offered.

· Builds loyalty among customers

Customers are always on the lookout for better products and services. Having social media pages linked to your website increases their loyalty as you constantly update your page. They like reading about the product and services offered. They want to know the worth of their money with your company. The more updated the social media pages, the more loyalty you get from your customers.

· Easier customer service

Whether it is a positive or negative comment, it is best to address these two all the time. Thank customers for believing with your product and apologize to those who are not satisfied. Being always available to queries adds additional points to your social media page. Customers want to feel prioritized and valued, most especially in times of dissatisfaction.

· A Tool for Market Research

Comments, likes, retweet, or reposts are good sources for research. With these, market researchers understand what their customers want or hate about them. They can use them to improve service for better customer service. Further, they can also create better ads to attract more customers based on these variables.

· Customer rewards

Everyone is happy with discounts and freebies. With social media pages, one can post evens that can increase public attention to your page. For example, a lucky customer who liked a product will get a free sample of the product in a raffle. As news spreads about this event, there will be more likes to your social media page increasing your online presence.

· Easy sharing

Social media pages are very easy to share. They can be accessed by anyone, anytime, and anywhere. The easier and accessible it is, the more people can check the website being linked to.

It is important to consider social media links to a website. SEO link builders should always bear in mind to create authentic links and not compromise the ranking of a website with fake links. The better the social media page links are, the better traffic your website gets.

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