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Jul 24, 2015

10 Factors to Keep in Mind When it Comes to Social Media Marketing

Keeping the brand name popular and return of investments high – these are two things marketers have always prioritized to keep their brand name above the competition. Traditional marketing has already proven its credibility in the market; however, because of tough competition among different companies, marketers have now seen a great opportunity in reaching consumers in a much easier way through social media marketing. 


Social media marketing has brought clients closer to their consumers. Different social media pages have made it possible to find target consumers. However, marketers have to keep in mind that not because social media marketing is the trend, it is easy to manage and to keep up with. There are certain things marketers have to consider when using social media marketing.

· Since the Internet has made people reach others in different nations, creating a social media page account in a language that can be understood by many is important. It is best to have social media pages written in languages that can be read by most of your target consumers. Common languages used are English and Chinese.

· Create content in social media pages that can be appropriate for any kind of culture. Target consumers come from very diverse culture. Understanding what is acceptable and not is a concern marketers should be aware of.
Response Time
· Always answer queries on time. Most consumers trust brand names that can respond to their concerns as soon as possible. It builds confidence with your consumers that you mean business well.

· Do a research on your target consumers. Do most of them use Facebook or Twitter? Are these consumers active on these websites? How much time do they spend using these social pages? Knowing your demographics makes it easier to come up with campaigns that will spark interest from your specific target consumers.
· Choose what to post online on social media pages. Photos and video formats should be easily downloaded both on PC or mobile.
· Gather data on the social media strategies you have implemented. For instance, check this post about a marketing strategy for Instagram. Use this data to understand the needs you to make on your brand name. This will help you study what improvements are to be made to make the product or the service better.
User-friendly Apps

· Create apps that can be utilized by most smartphone users – Android and IOS. Coming up with user-friendly apps are sure to bring convenience to your consumer.

· Social media campaigns should be planned out well. Each social media page has their own 
uniqueness over other networks. Know what strategy to use best on each website.
· Update your pages with relevant content. Social media marketing builds traffic. What brings consumers to your page? Because of its rich content! 


· Since social media marketing is cost efficient, use it wisely. It is easy to get clients once you have established your name in the industry. Take advantage of these social media pages by creating quality content and appropriate posts.

The use of social media marketing has made marketers' job easier. Go for social media pages that you think will bring the most consumers. Social media marketing is fun; however, marketers should always analyze the trends to keep their traffic strong and the return of investment flowing.

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