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Feb 2, 2016

Why Digital Marketing Campaigns Fail? 10 Pitfalls Businesses Need to Avoid

Digital marketing campaigns are not always a success. Though it is one effective campaign, some strategies just do not work well. With the intensive use of digital marketing by hundreds and thousands of businesses, it is still surprising to know that some campaigns do fail.

There are a number of reasons why such campaigns go down the drain. One possible reason is that the strategy is not planned well. There are loopholes that have been overlooked. Another possible reason is that the campaign is just too much. Too much in a sense that the plan and the strategy are not in sync.

Choosing a tactic and a strategy can be crucial in your campaign. You have to determine what type of strategy you want to use and pick a tactic. For example, if your marketing campaign focuses on increasing your online presence, decide whether you will have your campaign in SEO or PPC. You have to understand which tactic can be useful and most effective with your determined strategy. Also, you have to identify your target market. Too general audience may yield to a low results. Determine the demographics of your target market and design a strategy that will get their attention.

Having said these, there are also things that you have to avoid to ensure the success of your digital marketing campaign.

  • Failure to identify your goals. Determine what you want to achieve with your campaign. It will be much easier to have your heart set on a goal to come up with the best strategy to meet this goal.
  • Failure to determine specific market. Designing your marketing campaign is more effective when you have in mind the particular people you are addressing.
  • Relying on discounts. It is okay to give huge discounts with your marketing campaign. However, you should also understand that there is a right time for discounts. Think of interesting ways you can attract consumers to your campaign without offering any marked down prices.
  • Overlooking permissions. Always ask permission when sending marketing emails. Though some campaigns do not do this, it is in your ethics to practice this. When a consumer feels violated, he or she will never be take a look on what you have to offer.
  • Failure to edit. Always have your content edited. There are a lot of people who can easily find mistakes on print or digital campaigns. Overlooking proofreading gives a negative impression on your brand name.
  • Technical writing. Use words that are easy to understand by your demographics. Using jargons is okay if your target is on a specific technical field. However, it is still best to avoid using such as marketing campaigns should be interesting and easy to comprehend.
  • Too many social networks. It is great to be linked through different social networks but do not forget to have rich content. No matter how many links you have with a poor content, it is still difficult to convince people to be attracted to your campaign.
  • No call to action. Okay, so you have the marketing campaign neatly designed, yet you fail to tell what your consumers need to do next. Always remember to have a great call to action. Have a big button that says ORDER TODAY or SIGN UP NOW.
  • Copied photos online. When you want to attach pictures to your campaign, make sure that you have paid for them or they are your own. Your digital marketing campaign represents you so everything in it should be about you and your brand name.
  • Failure to measure results. Is that campaign going strong? How well is it going? Always read reports on your campaign so that you will have better ideas for the next one.

Digital marketing campaign has proven useful and effective for many business. However, do not be complacent that every campaign done turns out to be success. You have to check and make sure everything is done according to your goal, strategy and tactics.

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