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Oct 19, 2016

SEO Company versus In-House SEO

Having a business is not an assurance of better revenues. This is particularly true most especially to businesses that invest more on digital marketing. No matter how good or sleek your website looks, it needs to attract a lot of online uses as possible to reach top pages in search engines. Websites need traffic as their fuel to be on top of the competition. This boost in traffic is possible with SEO services or search engine optimization services.

SEO Company versus In-House SEO

Getting SEO services seem to be a trend nowadays. Small businesses rely on SEO strategies to make their brand name visible online. When looking for SEO services, clients can basically have two options: hire an in-house SEO specialist or a SEO company. What are the differences between the two?

In-House SEO
SEO Company
In-house SEO lets the specialist work solely on your website. Some companies prefer this since they want full attention to a project given to the specialist. Exclusivity is the company’s main concern with this.

Companies like to take full control on what’s happening with their SEO strategies. With an in-house SEO, it is easier to monitor the strategies or campaigns made. Plans are all customized based on what the company wants.

An in-house SEO can get a better understanding of what the company expects with the project.  Since he or she is present in daily operations, she knows what the business needs in terms of optimization and campaigns.

Companies that have a lot of budget to invest usually prefer in-house SEO. Further, results on these campaigns implemented can take some time since there is only a single person managing the project.
SEO company are definitely much cheaper. You pay a reasonable amount of money for different services in one package.

SEO company have a lot of clients. Some view this as a disadvantage thinking the team will have a hard time focusing on a single project. However, this is a clear picture of their expertise in the field. Handling a lot of clients means they are experts to what they do. They have the substantial amount of experience that makes them perfect in handling SEO projects.

A team works on a SEO project. Through collaborative ideas, the team can design the perfect SEO campaign for a website. Different minds working on one goal: to boost website traffic. Most of the time, these SEO company work on a virtual type of service. This means that clients only get to see them when they are asked to meet in the office or communicating through Skype.

SEO company are much more dedicated in bringing positive results. They want every campaign to work since their reputation is at stake. Without making their clients happy, they will have a hard time looking for new clients or even continue working with their current ones.

What is good for your business totally depends on how much you are willing to invest and how patient you are with the results. SEO campaigns make take some time, but the results are positive. Whichever you choose, always stick on a SEO services that can yield higher rankings and conversions for your website.

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