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Jan 9, 2017

SMO and SEO: The Dynamic Duo of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has truly taken the business world by storm.  Gone are the days when mass media conglomerates monopolized large-scale advertisement services. While most corporations still prefer placing ads on print, radio and television, more companies are now turning to smart digital optimization—and they have substantial reasons to do so.

Digital marketing is a cost-efficient way of executing an enterprise’s promotional and sales efforts. By utilizing various web assets such as social networking sites and search engines, companies can reach out to potential customers and loyal patrons alike. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.
The concept of traditional marketing, “the more popular a brand is, the more customers it can attract,” also applies to digital marketing. Hence, businesses must utilize today’s dynamic duo to achieve a productive campaign.   

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization, commonly referred to as SMO, is swiftly emerging as a digital marketing strategy. It utilizes social media platforms to drive a company’s digital presence, efficiently taking advantage of their millions of users. It also includes the publication of quality content, both visual and textual, in social media sites to elicit user response via likes, shares and feedback.
This method not only highlights a website’s visibility through consistent content dissemination, but it also encourages two-way communication between the company and its customers.  For instance, a particular business shows its transparency by allowing both queries and complaints to be posted on its social media page. By responding to these questions and issues, the company presents itself as customer-oriented.

Through company-customer interactions, social media optimization establishes a credible and approachable image that can inspire brand recognition and loyalty. Its results often come in brief intervals of success depending on its immediate customer impact.

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, drives a website’s visibility by employing tried and tested tactics to elevate its search engine ranking. Such strategies include constant usage of keywords, application of Meta descriptions and operation of HTML, among others. This method yields positive long-term results as its efforts build up over time.

If a business’s website or published content appear on the first page of a search engine upon a digital query, then it is successful in utilizing search engine optimization. This exposure increases website traffic, thereby strengthening the business’s online presence. Moreover, it rearranges site links and structure, making a site more navigation-friendly. It not only boosts site visibility but also makes locating and using information easier for users.

The Dynamic Duo

Search engines do not tolerate the circulation of irrelevant content because their primary goal is to provide significant information to users. Websites that engage in excessive keyword insertions, overuse of links and the like are subject to penalties.  

Social media optimization comes into play when a website that acquires popularity through online social engagement proves that its content is valuable, unique and interesting. However, while this method establishes a company’s credibility, it can also divert a user’s focus from the business’s website to its social media accounts. The content, like articles, photos and videos, shared in these accounts are limited compared to what the main site can provide. Users, who prefer to browse through various social applications, might be confused regarding the products or services that the company offers. This perception might lead to a potential customer’s loss of interest. Hence, efficient use of search engine optimization can prevent this from happening. For instance, it can ensure smooth website navigation for all its visitors. Most netizens get discouraged when they access links provided in social media accounts that lead to lag-ridden and inaccessible sites. 

Social media optimization and search engine optimization are effective digital marketing strategies in their own right. The former can gather valuable information directly from the customers through a two-way communication process. It not only provides a platform to address queries and complaints but also shows a company’s transparency. Meanwhile, the latter specializes in upgrading a website’s search ranking in order to encourage traffic. Both further a company’s online visibility to acquire and increase customers and establish brand loyalty.

All things considered, digital marketing is definitely effective when both social media optimization and search engine optimization are aptly utilized.  

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