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May 6, 2016

Difference between SEO, SMO and PPC

Making your website standout in the World Wide Web requires a lot of techniques and expertise. With all other websites, reaching top search pages is a challenge and very competitive. This is the exact reasons why building a website takes quite some time to incorporate elements that will make a website better and even more preferred than the others. To improve the website’s visibility online, certain strategies are incorporated. These three are very common: SEO, SMO, and PPC. How are each of these different?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a process where it aims to improve the visibility of the website particularly giving emphasis on its page rank on search engine results. It works its magic on the different elements used by people in searching information such as images and videos. SEO is concerned with using the right, organic, and most powerful keywords for the website or for a particular item. This is the reason why the content of the website should be edited and constantly updated so that only relevant keywords can be used. This will increase the website’s visibility through increase web traffic. Also, SEO services create backlinks to direct people to a particular website. However, some link builders does some dirty tricks here which websites can be penalized once detected.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is also referred as Search Engine Marketing. Some even call SMO cooperation between SEO and the social media. In today’s world where most people’s lives are influenced by social media, promotion of websites through connecting people from different social media sites. Imploring SMO lets one connect all social media accounts to your website increasing your visibility. You are marketing your website through social networks.

Pay-per- click

Just like what its name suggests, PPC is a strategy to gain more traffic as online users click your link. PPCs are usually placed above organic search. The publisher gets paid every time the link or the ad is clicked. PPC also use powerful keywords. However, PPC can be a little costly. It has a fixed per click price. If you have some extra for this kind of technique, then invest on it to increase your traffic in no time.

Which one is best for you?

SEO may take some time as it works with organic search. Gaining traffic can be challenging so there is a lot of techniques and links to be created to make your website reach the top search pages. SEO is beneficial when one wants to increase the website’s value and if one wants to build an authority for its website design. On the other hand, PPC is best if one wants fast results. This is best if one wants to feature a promo or a limited time offer discount to their products or services. Finally, SEM or SMO works hand-in- hand with SEO. The utilization of social media sites is crucial as it helps boost one’s SEO and even attract more potential target audience to the website. Online visibility and customer interaction are two things SMO targets.

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