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May 29, 2016

Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Just like real life lovers, social media marketing and search engine optimization are made perfect for each other. Your website linked to your social media networks create a relationship bound with rich content aiming to increase online presence and traffic. However, not all people are familiar with these two. Giving a simple social media definition for both will surely help other starting to business to invest on building a good website and expanding their social media network.

Social Media Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

What makes SEO services unique from any other marketing discipline is it primarily focuses on a website’s visibility online in organic search engine results. It delivers results by improving a website’s ranking, accelerating the traffic, and increasing the website’s visibility in search engines. Simply put, SEO specialists structure a website in a way that search engines can easily find it.

Without SEO services, websites would drown in the vast ocean of the World Wide Web. To find your website, search engines would have to look for powerful keywords in your content. This relevant content is then added to their database so that if another search is made with the same keywords and content in your website, search engines can easily pull your file in their database. Further, SEO makes it possible for your website to be user-friendly. This means that users who visit your website can have a good experience navigating around what you have to offer. Pages need to load fast and content should be relevant to satisfy what your audience need.

Social Media Marketing

A simple social media  definition for SMM is a process of increasing traffic and awareness from target market through the use of social media optimization sites. In this age when almost all people are linked through social media, it is an advantage to marketers to make use of this popular trend to reach their target audience. For example, updates of an existing promo can easily be followed on Twitter. Also, images of events and sharing of updates are all possible with Facebook.

Social media marketing works well together with SEO as it help build powerful links to the website. Surprisingly, there are also users online that use social media sites to find content.

How to ensure that both are on the right track?

  • Listen to what your target audience has to say. Research on what sparks their interest, on what entices them to stop and read what you have to offer. It is only through understanding your target audience you can create content that will address both their wants and needs.

  • Find online influencers. These online influencers have a great number of audiences and are already an authority online. Once you build good relationships with them, the chances of sharing your content with their followers is most likely to happen and bring traffic to your website.

  • Your content might not be able to answer queries from your audience. Be accessible. Follow the course of discussion, comments, and even complaints. Address issues right away. This creates a strong impression to your audience that you do not only focus on making money but also care about your clients.

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