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Mar 2, 2017

The Power of Hue: A Web Designer's Guide to Choosing the Best Brand Color

An excellent web design and development company capitalizes on color schemes to elevate site conversions. According to Satyendra Singh’s “Impact of Color on Marketing," it only takes 90 seconds to influence customers. Meanwhile, the brand color forms 6290 percent of this impression.


Colors have perceived meanings that vary depending on the audience. Likewise, a website’s palette can stimulate your company’s search engine optimization and social media optimization. It can either enhance the mood of viewers or decrease their interest to your services. This is the reason why it is important to invest in a web developmentcompany that handles dynamic customer demands.

Read what each color implies and uplift your business’s social media optimization by choosing the perfect hue that expresses your brand well.

Red conveys dominance. It has the property that makes objects appear nearer, thus quickly attracting viewer’s attention. This is the best choice if you want your website to appear strong and convince customers to take action. Nongovernment organizations typically pick this color scheme to incite a sense of volunteerism and power.

Orange is a fun color. It conveys warmth and comfort. This shade is useful for companies that offer food and shelter services.

Yellow is the strongest hue. It energizes viewers and stimulates self-esteem. Furthermore, it conveys confidence and optimism. Note, however, that uneven tone or wrong color combinations can ignite fear and anxiety. 

Green signifies balance. Some organizations use this color scheme to show concern for the environment. It has a property that requires no adjustment; therefore, it calms the eye. It also conveys restoration and reassurance. One disadvantage of using this color is that it can portray stagnation or blandness if incorrectly used.

Blue soothes the mind and increases concentration. Companies offering water services typically use this color to convey purity and cleanliness. The downside of using too much blue is that it can pertain to a lack of emotion.

Purple is associated with royalty, nobility and prestige. However, if overly used, it may communicate arrogance. Examples of well-known companies that use this brand scheme are Yahoo! and Crown Royal.

Colors increase brand recognition by 80 percent. Dr. Flint McGlaughlin suggested in his webinar "How Do Website Colors Impact Conversion" that brand color must communicate a message by association. Keep in mind that the first step to successful brand marketing is to captivate your audience. Always consider your clients’ interests and clearly communicate their purposes.  

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