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Mar 23, 2017

Using Typography to Create Brand Eccentricity

One of the criteria in choosing an online marketing company to entrust the empowerment of your brand’s online visibility is the quality of their services. An excellent SEO service providers can apply website aesthetic elements that attract and engage potential clients. This includes navigability, readership, and overall physique.

Partnering with a web design and development company is crucial for digital marketing success. Thus, it is imperative to secure SEO services that create brand eccentricity with robust web designs as most of the online users are visual learners. Failure to implement on-point online strategies begets invisibility. Exemplary SEO services entail magnetic typography that captures the audience’s attention. 

What is Typography?

Typography pertains to the appearance and arrangement of words and characters. It couples text and art to deliver different messages and convey emotions. Incorporating artistic and elegant typography to your web design positively affects viewership and site conversion.  Keep in mind that visuals contribute to a visitor’s  first impression of your website. Consider the following elements of typography that should be highlighted in your web design.

What are the factors to consider in incorporating typography into web design?

            Font Appearance - Typeface pertains to the group of characters such as letters and numbers that feature the same scheme. Font styles, on the other hand, refer to styles such as the particular font size, weight, and flair. Carefully and stylishly combine these two elements to exhibit your brand personality and to highlight relevant web contents. This is also essential in building calls to action that ignite user engagement.
      Font Dimensions - Sizes matter. They can be utilized to emphasize key points and create a distinction on the weights of web content. Use font measurements creatively to narrate the story of your company and to showcase the exceptionality of your products and services.Be sure to consider text readability on every page of your website to avoid the decline in client satisfaction and site traffic.

      Spacing - Spaces are eye breathers. As vital as white spaces in graphics, distances in texts also affect viewership. Pay importance not only to the distance between paragraphs, but also the spaces in between texts, lines, and characters. Balance your composition with wisely utilized white spaces.

A robust web design is wasted with indigestible content. Create brand eccentricity with creatively incorporated typography. 

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