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May 5, 2017

SMO Hacks: What to Post on Social Media?

The emergence of social media platforms made sharing information easier and quicker. Thus, influencing lifestyle and interfering with daily routines.

According to the 2017 report released by Hootsuite and We are Social, there are about 2.7 billion active social media users globally. With this population, Guide about social media optimization revealed, optimizing your social media pages is a key practice to reaching and influencing a wider scope of clients.  

Why is it important to optimize social media pages?

In this fast-paced digital world, anything and anyone's status can go on a rollercoaster ride in just a snap. Cutthroat competition in the market also ignites challenging demands thus requiring best SMO sercices. In fact, results of the Hootsuite online survey reveals that in the US alone, nearly 28 percent of Americans rely more on the use of social media to inquire for details than visiting the company.

Your potential clients lurk in the social media. Social media platforms give you a free way to gather as much information to get to know them better and tailor your products and services for your target market. Hence, it is crucial that you establish your brand’s online authority with compelling social media contents.

What contents should be posted in the social media?

      ·         Images
      Photos are extensive in nature. They quickly captivate the eye and can be shared on various social media platforms. Furthermore, they translate complex thoughts to less complicated and digestible form. Images can communicate a thousand thoughts. If strategically executed, they can stir emotions and elicit calls to action.

      ·         Infographics
      According to a Slideshare report written by Arpit Dhariwal in 2013, infographics are the most shared social media content. Unlike presentation and documents, infographics chunk information into a more digestible form to allow quick scan and immediate transfer of information.

      ·         Videos
       Videos are interactive social media contents that feed both the visual and auditory palate of online viewers. Video marketing approach has proven a significant effect on increasing ROI and boosting conversion rates. There are different appeals you can use to promote your online campaign and to captivate your audience. Careful planning and proper execution can help build online trust and promote quality content.

      ·         Statistics
       Statistics guide online viewers, offer transparency, and highlight credibility. Bank on survey results conducted by your firm and show the reviews and ratings given by your satisfied clients. Statistics are natural eye-magnets that capture viewers and make them want to prove the credibility of the claim presented by the numbers.

      ·         Blog posts
       Blog posts cater to the creative and inquisitive minds of readers. Provide links to your blog posts. Give them a snippet of what they will see once they decide to read on the page but do not present them all at once. Let them click on the link provided. This practice is also an effective e way to generate higher click-through rates on your website.

      ·         Questions
       Questions stir up the mind of readers and make them think. One you tapped the curiosity of your readers, there is a high probability that they will engage in polls, threads, and surveys to find the right answer and maybe challenge their assumptions. This activity can help boost user engagement and interactivity. It can also spark curiosity among other online users and encourage them to join in the conversation.

Different markets have various –and sometimes conflicting- preferences when it comes to the content, they want to see in the social media. Thus, it is imperative that you partner with an excellent SMO marketing that can capture your target client’s needs and deliver quality and useful content.

Mystech Dynamics Inc. is composed of SMO specialists that have proven competency and capability in handling the online presence of various brands. Let our team of SMO experts manage your online profile, and our quality service shall speak for the success of our work.

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