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Feb 16, 2017

Do I Need a Blog for My Website?

I have been asked once whether building a website for my business has contributed to the success of my business. With no second thoughts, I said yes and with the help of my daughters through their blogs. Honestly, in this age, businesses – whether a small one or a multinational one – should invest in creating a good website.

Having your own business is risky yet overwhelming once you see everything is going on the right way. I have been in the catering business for almost five years now, and success was indeed hard earned. It was my wife's idea to start a catering business. The thought of it happened when we visited a friend’s housewarming party and my wife was asked to cook for it. She enjoyed herself preparing while my kids and I decorated the place. Everyone was having fun that time as we worked together. The guests arrived and complimented my wife’s expertise in cooking. I guess she had a great boost in her ego. The party ended and our friend handed us an envelope with money as their appreciation. We were very hesitant to accept it but they insisted. That night, my wife opened the idea of starting a small catering business which I gladly supported.

With the help of our friends, we got quite a number of orders. There were birthdays, wedding anniversaries, retirement parties and any occasion you can think of. Word of mouth helped a lot in making our services known to friends of our friends. However, as I saw that there are a lot of competitors in our field, I asked a friend to help us build a website. Crazy idea, but I thought that it would be a good marketing strategy especially when almost all people were able to use the internet.

The website was plain and simple. It featured the brief history of our business and what made us stand out among others who are in the same catering service work. The webpage featured different menus which we offered and their costs. It also included the costs of each menu. The website was launched; however, I was not satisfied with how things turned out. The number of customers had not increased. I asked my daughters, who were internet savvy, to help us market the website. That was the time that I understood about blogging.

Blogging is like an online diary where you can write articles and post it online for everyone to read. People can comment and even share your blogs. My eldest created a blog featuring every dish her mother has. Thanks to Facebook, she linked the blog to her Facebook, including our business' website and gained a lot of readers (through the Likes it got). In her blog, she featured all the dishes on the menu. She even uploaded pictures of these dishes and carefully described them. I read one and it really made me hungry. When we had some parties, she would take pictures and videos of the event and post on her blog. My friend, who made the website, called me one night and told me that my website increased its ranking online which meant that more visitors were checking the website.

The blogs my daughter made helped the website gain more visitors. If you are someone planning to boost the popularity of your website, create blogs. It is simple yet customers always want an update to your website seeking promos and discounts. Moreover, you can hire freelance writers to do the blogging for you. This may cost you, but the content of these blogs will surely make your business popular.

So, do websites should have blogs?

Indeed! Blogs are a big help. It is something my daughters do for fun and to help our business. Without their blogs, I would not be still doing catering services. It is the boost that you need for your website.

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