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Feb 9, 2017

Five Criteria to Assess the Competency of SEO Companies

Businesses are rapidly shifting to digital advertisements, and web optimization is becoming a fad. With the number of web development companies offering SEO services, how will you assess which company can actually deliver?

Five criteria to determine the competency of SEO companies

It is a given that you must enlist the services of a company with proven excellence in social media optimization and search engine optimization. Aside from these two, consider the following criteria in determining an SEO company’s competency.

     1. AMP Strategies Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a project created to ensure great mobile experience by allowing web pages to load quickly on mobile devices.

Consider the strategies an SEO company employs to mark up your mobile pages for a better mobile user experience. The AMP consists of the following:

·         AMP HTML An SEO company should be familiar and knowledgeable with the regular HTML, as the AMP HTML is just a subset. However, this has many restrictions, and some custom tags and properties are intended for mobile use. If the company is skilled in using the regular HTML, turning into AMP HTML is easy.

·         AMP JS Employing AMP strategies means incorporating speed and readability to pages loaded on mobile. The AMP JS is a JavaScript framework for mobile pages. It makes loading asynchronous, which ensures that nothing in the page will be blocked from rendering.

·         AMP CDN It refers to content delivery network (CDN) which automatically optimizes the performance of a mobile page when it takes the AMP HTML pages and caches them.
     2. PWA techniques Progressive Web Application (PWA) makes use of technology advancement and development in Cache and Push APIs to combine the best of the web and mobile apps. It allows mobile users to install web apps to their home screen, receive a push notification and even work offline.

An SEO company should understand that PWA should be reliable, fast and engaging. It enhances mobile user experience with its app-style interactions and navigations.

             3. Google’s RankBrain It is a machine-learning algorithm, an artificial intelligence system that provides better results to queries. It enables the search engine to show results relevant to the keywords typed by the user.

An SEO company should include in their SEO services the continuous improvement of web contents. Their content development team must come up with write-ups that are more engaging and out of the box. Articles should answer questions and should be accurate and complete.

     4. Voice search optimization With innovations rising every day, an SEO company should capitalize on the voice search capability of devices. This is the fastest growing search variant, with 55 percent of teens and 41 percent of adults using it on a daily basis.

An excellent SEO company incorporates voice search strategies to websites by producing contents written in a conversational tone. This is possible with:

·         Focusing on long-tail keywords
·         Adding pages that answer queries (FAQs)
·         Maximizing schema markup opportunities

These will help users get more informative results when they use the voice search.

     5. Mobile-first indexing Since mobile phones are becoming more popular than computers, Google wants its index and results to represent majority of its users—mobile users. As such, Google creates and ranks its search listings based on the mobile version of the content.

Having a mobile version is more advantageous as it reaches more clients and allows them to access your web page easily. This entails adjusting your content and layout to a mobile version.

There are a lot of web development companies snooping on big and small businesses. The challenge is finding the one that offers gratifying services worthy of your investment.  

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