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Apr 20, 2017

PPC Hacks: What is Quality Score?

Do you want to see immediate results in your brand’s online visibility? Secure quality PPC advertising services.

PPC advertising is a web optimization method that is devised to generate accounts of real-time developments for easy tracking and enhanced implementation of digital marketing campaigns. Thus, it is highly recommended that you partner with competitive PPC advertising agency that utilizes tried-and-tested methods in maximizing websites’ profit potential. 

Defining PPC and Quality Score
ppc quality score

As an online entrepreneur, it is important that you know the essentials of PPC to avoid common mistakes. Find out how PPC service providers can help bolster your ROI.

Enhancing Quality Score

Quality scores have a huge impact on your cost and PPC ventures. They are Google’s way of evaluating the relevance of the PPC ads and target keywords. Your quality score dictates your advertisement cost and your ad rank in the auction procedure. Other factors that could influence your ad rank status include:
  •          ad text relevance;
  •          keyword relevance to ad group;
  •          past AdWords account performance;
  •         click-through Rate; and
  •          relevance and quality of the landing page. 

Google perceives advertisements that have high click-through rates as useful and relevant to online users. Hence, if your site has excellent click status, Google will reward you with a reduced cost per conversion and an enhanced ad ranking. Cost per conversion refers to the payment required for each transactional act you implement online such as product purchase and premium accounts registration. Take note that high quality score is related to lower cost per conversion.

Enhancing Quality Score

Quality score is the main determinant of ad placement – which refers to the place and time your advertisement will appear in Google’s search results page. Thus, optimize your quality score, and you will definitely see a positive change in your ROI. Here are some of the ways you can influence your quality score strategically.
  •          keyword organization
  •         keyword research
  •          landing pages optimization
  •          ad text refinement

Quality score directly influences your PPC advertising ventures. Hence, it is imperative that you look for ppc advertising management that can optimize quality score to ensure advertisement success. 

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