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Apr 7, 2017

What is Big Data?

An excellent digital marketing company banks on big data to achieve online ranking. Big data pertains to the vast scale of data obtained from multiple disciplines. It means a massive amount of information that is used to further the knowledge across disciplines and even in the digital marketing world.

It is imperative to entrust your brand’s online ventures to a tried and tested online marketing company that knows how to obtain and carefully handles big data. Hire an online marketing company that strategically uses the volume of information generated to up your brand’s online visibility.

Big Data
big data

The IBM reports that there are over 2.7 zettabytes of data that exist in the digital world. Big data has three categories.

       ·         Structured data refers to highly organized information that is typically found in databases, data warehouses, and enterprise solutions. Google, for one, is a source of big data.

       ·         Unstructured data, on the other hand, refers to raw data generated from applications on the internet. It was not processed into richer and meaningful format.

       ·        Semi-structured data is where those as mentioned earlier - structured and unstructured data - meet. Examples of this are social media and user-generated data.

Big Data in SEO

big data in seo

A credible digital marketing company utilizes big data to improveon web marketing content as they are also considered quantifiable entities.

      ·         Turning content into data helps search engines quickly analyze information and deliver contents relevant to the online user’s query.

      ·         Big data makes it easier to for a digital marketing company to identify pertinent information necessary to improve their online visibility. This is possible by looking for the types of data users typically search on the internet.

      ·         Big data can also allow SEO companies to track and analyze keywords and backlinks; identify on-page optimization strategies, and other essential areas of SEO including local SEO, mobile optimization, and content marketing.

      ·         It also increases access to the infrastructure needed to analyze large data sets.

Big data will determine the future of the digital marketing world. This is the reason it is important to secure online marketing company services that prioritize and makes greater use of big data available at hand.

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